Installation Ceremony

The second Installation ceremony of RCKCM was conducted on 24th July 2016 with Rtr.Abhinay Bhagat signing as the Continuing President of the club . The chief guest of the event was Rtr.Rohan Dalmia-District Rotaract Representative,District 3141. The installation was conducted in the auditorium of Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai.


The Anecdote challenge was a contest organized by the Editorial team of RCKCM on account of friendship day 2016. The participants were to send anecdotes about their friends. The contest saw a massive participation and we were receiving the entries even after the deadline. The top three winners of the contest were-

Magic of the golden farm, the sunflowers dancing facing the sun, Charm of that toasty day and me learning to ride the bicycle. My guide was my beloved dear friend instructing and holding my ride. It was great fun. Craziness was riding on me when I was trying to ride the bicycle. As it was a try, fear too was riding with me. I was moving the peddles, had got some balance and it seemed I will do it on my own,my friend left the hold to check if am making my move and damn! I met the slope of the road and just left the hold of my hands on handles as well as legs from peddles and he just ran to catch me,ran so badly,he caught me held me saved me and himself fell and got injured, got the scar which is still there on his handsome face and I was left unscratched. That’s my best friend my brother who always saved me from the door of adversity, faced it himself and never let me face it. You walk in my all thick and thin, you’re in need, awesome indeed, My Hero!!!!
--Rtr. Shivani Chatlawar

I just got up from my bed midnight as the odour of HIT was suffused all over in the room. With sleepy eyes, i saw my younger brother spraying it wherever the cockroach flew. When it was whacked hard; I thanked him and then he said; ‘It crawled over my hand.’ I left my bed as soon as I heard and then again one more cockroach appeared. I was no longer in sleep and yelled till the time it died. Happy friendship day my brother Suprit. I always love you.
---Rtr. Akshay Salvi

A friend is someone who sums up to be an irreplaceable chunk of one's life. One might meet infinite number of people throughout their journey of life, but a true friend is the one who stays with you till the end. To me they are many things. They are my motivators whenever I am going through tough times, they are the best teachers who clear my doubts before my exams, they are my idols and help me surpass my limitations to achieve higher goals. They bring out the weirdest side of me, they are the jesters, who make my day more fun, entertaining and wonderful. They are the sunshine to my darkness, the blood in my veins, the flowers of my plant and moreover, they are the soul to my body. Without them life itself wouldn't have any meaning. True friends are those special creatures who fill up the voids in your heart. They are the one's who loved all of my imperfections and decided to share their hearts with. They taught me how to smile, be bold and strong and at the same time be kind and gentle. They are not just my friends, they are my brothers.
--Rtr. Saket Mulge


First Love Yourself ( F.L.Y.) a team PD initiative was an online workshop where some enthuisiast teens did an applaudable job of recording videos saying why they love themselves! While there are many to criticize us and hardly any to appreciate yet love yourself, your flaws and talents and regardless of what other says be your own favourite! With CELEBRATE YOURSELF as the motto this workshop having a series of seven videos got 300+ views !
Credits: Rushabh Shah, Drashti Mehta and all those who spoke for it!

Humans of Rotaract

In the year 2015, I joined the Rotaract Club of Kings Circle, not knowing what kind of an impact it would have on my life. But the past one and a half year has been one of the most satisfying and blessed period, in the forever stressful and busy life of a college student as me. I am Saket Mulge, and I’m a proud Rotaractor. I served the club as the Public Relations Director in my first year of rotaraction and it was surely an extremely rewarding experience. I was involved in many projects which were sometimes conceived on my own and also with other club avenues. For instance Matunga Unplugged which was a one of its kind initiative in Matunga where the youth was interviewed for their opinions on the latest affairs gripping the locality. Another flagship event was the Wisdom Cubes, which was series of thought provoking quotes broadcasted every week for the intellectual and personal development of every individual in the club. Rotaract is not for the ones merely looking for the perks of being under the banner of a world renowned organization. It’s for those who feel the need to work tirelessly for the betterment of a community, the environment and ultimately themselves. It’s that medium through which you can make your dent into the universe. It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s for those who thrive off of serving what the society needs and inculcating a culture where everything starts with YOU. This feeling towards the goal of us coming together in Rotaract does not come over the course of attending a few meetings, but it grows with time, as you spend more and more of it towards the development of the club, by carrying out various projects. With equally excited and motivated people around you, the joy is exponential in magnitude. The feeling of accomplishment is blissful when a project that you thought of gets completed. The feeling of togetherness as a family is what I love most about Rotaract. There is no stronger force than a youthful group oriented in the same direction! I feel glad to be a part of such an organization and pledge to pass on the spirit of service towards the society to all those who join us in our venture. It has been a very exciting adventure and has changed me a lot personally. Heading the club now as the Vice President Support functions I’ve been entrusted with greater responsibilities that I’m eager to fulfil.
Rtr. Saket Mulge


Picturing your self in the sky, Close down your eyes..
Across the white snowy clouds ,
You will find your self in the skies.
Start admiring the brimming sun,
Which is radiating tremendous light..
You will really find it to be fun..
To watch it shine so bright.
Rise as high as a bird ,
Flying across the blowing winds ,
Feeling happiness with a great smile ,
It is really a precious time!
Now slowly open your eyes,
Feeling the real air across you..
You will find there is nothing around the skies,
It has all just gotten flew.
You will now come to a conclusion,
That it was an ILLUSION..
Which transforms words into reality ,
And turn moments into eternity.Memories may fade..But illusion always remains,The moment has gone now,But lets hope for that wonderful illution once again….

--Priyanka Solanki


The motive behind this project was to get the creative mind to work and receive the best talent, to be seen in people in this project it involved, capturing of a moment with the exposure of your thoughts and superimposing those pictures into a complete package of talent and skills depicted through their picture. SUPERIMPOSE’ commenced on 6th of July 2016 with the participants pouring in their photographed images, on our official club’s email ID, in a considerable number. For consecutive days the OC members were in update with the number of entries each day and we received a total of 45 entries, till 16th of July. Out of the 45 entries, the best of 5 were chosen as the winners for the contest. The results for the contest were announced on our official club’s Facebook page, also all the participants and winners were personally being informed about the same. All in all, we received an overwhelming response from the participants and other members of the club who all made this project happen.

Jeevan Daan

1st July 2016, the inception of a new Rotaract year couldn’t have been any better for Rotaract Club of King’s Circle, Matunga. RCKCM Team Community Service, along with the Rotary Club of Mumbai Mahim, Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Bombay Uptown, Rotaract Club of Ruia College, Rotary and Rotaract clubs of Mumbai Shivaji Park, Rotaract Club of ABA Law college and Rotary club of Mumbai Mandvi organized a Blood Donation Drive – “JEEVAN DAAN” at Dadar Railway Station as a part of the mega blood donation and organ pledging awareness initiative of Rotary International, District 3141. Rotaract Clubs from all over the city participated in a massive blood donation drive along with raising awareness on the importance of organ donation. With 123 accepted donors, blood collection at Dadar station witnessed a massive participation throughout the day. With a team of dynamic volunteers, “JEEVAN DAAN” successfully achieved its purpose.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a legend who illuminated innumerable lives throughout his lifetime, left as his legacy an enduring spirit and sense of responsibility towards the community. With a view to commemorate the birthday of such an icon, the Rotaract Club of King’s Circle, Matunga observed “NELSON MANDELA WEEK”, as an initiative to honor Mandela’s sheer dedication and commitment towards the society. Starting from the 12th of July, each day, a poster highlighting Mandela’s life and legacy was released on social media that intended to instill a sense a belonging for the entire community. With a view to allocate at least 67 minutes of our time to a community service activity on the birth day of a legend who gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for human rights and social service, the club organized a drawing competition for a few needy students of a BMC school, Sion, on the 18th of July 2016.
Team Community Service honored Nelson Mandela’s contribution to society by organizing a drawing competition at K.D. Gaikwad School, Sion in association with the NGO, ‘Sparsha’, on the 18th of July 2016. The week prior to Nelson Mandela International Day was filled with publicizing his popular ideas and quotes from speeches to generate interest in the event. With over 50 kids participating, the event was indeed a successful one. Prizes, in the form of donated story books and chocolates, were awarded to the winners. The event indeed left some beautiful memories that shall be cherished, both by the kids as well as our team.

Wisdom Cube

Conducted on a weekly basis, a poster comprising of a motivational quote or a proverbial statement is published on various social media platforms, viz., Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. This project intendes to inspire and motivate not just our fellow Rotaractors but also the general masses. It intends to galvanize the people to begin their day with a sense of positivity and a desire to achieve their goal, be it short or long term. The project began on 5th of July this year and will continue throughout the year with a poster being published every Monday.


It was founded in the year 2014-15 and is carried out once a month. The objective is to get inputs of what the people of Matunga have on their minds regarding the day to day emerging issues and topics of importance. Every person interviewed had his/her prespective on the topic and thus this enabled us to generate a plethora of opinions. Through this project, we aim to spread awareness on the current issues amongst people hailing from different backgrounds, each living a different life altogether. The Youth especially are provided with a social platform to voice their views on the topics without any restrictions. Our first Matunga Unplugged for the year 2015-16 was released on 19th July 2016. We have managed to get 200 views on Youtube and 365 likes on Facebook

First Love Yourself

The objective was to change the superficial opinion of today's generation on beauty and making people fall in love with themselves. Videos were shot of random people describing their faults and how they still love themselves the way they are. They were published on social networking sites along with some inspiring videos. It managed to reach the youth with a maximum view count of 325 views. The message was spread to love themselves! Its that what really matters and not the opinions of others.

Drop Of Hope

Drop of Hope was a Mega Blood Donation Drive conducted across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Dombivli and Kalyan on 1st July 2015. It was founded in the year 2013-14 with the aim of bringing together all the Rotaract clubs of the district to mark the auspicious beginning of the RI New Year by contributing to society. We collaborated with Rotaract Club of SIES Sion(W).The NSS unit of SIES college also joined us for this initiative. The Drive was conducted at Sion hospital. 200 samosas and 800 melodies were provided as refreshments to the blood donors by the Rotaract Club of King's Circle, Matunga. The samosas were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Mahim. The volunteers took to the streets and encouraged everyone to donate blood. The drive was a huge success, with 101 pints of blood being collected. This drive also served an important purpose of making the rejected donors aware about their health problems. They were advised to undergo a medical check-up. Since there were excess refreshments left we decided to distribute them amongst the homeless people in Sion. It was the best way to ensure two things. Firstly, that food does not go to waste. Secondly, we help the needy and the poor by providing them with food. It gave us immense satisfaction on seeing a smile on their faces.


We divided the task of mapping King's Circle by splitting it into several zones.
The entire mapping was done on foot so as to avoid any errors.


This is an H.R.D Initiative, to get to know our members better. Every week, since August, 2015, we upload a picture of a member holding up their favorite quote/motto. Usually, 2-3 pre-informed members are asked to meet either in ICT or Maheshwari Udyan for posing with their messages. Additionally, before uploading the pictures, Team H.R.D spoke to the friends of the concerned member, finding their quirks and nicknames and hash tagging these along with the picture uploaded. Members responded enthusiastically, with the event inspiring even non-members to take up a similar idea! The event has been a roaring success looking at the response with members eagerly awaiting their turns to get #FreezeFramed. More frames to come up soon!


This trek served as an ice-breaker for all members. It was also open to non members so that they can get a glimpse of the Rotaract spirit ;) The location for the trek was Karnala Fort. Over 60 people participated and overall the trek was a huge success.

Clean the Subway

Anyone who's ever used the Vakola subway knows how horrific an experience it can be. It is poorly maintained and has garbage all over the place. Inspired by Mr Modi's #SwachBharatAbhiyan call we decided to mobilize our fellow Rotaracters in an effort to rid the subway of its PAAN-stains. "ALL for 1 ONE FOR ALL" NGO were our partners-incleanliness. So on 2nd October 31, 50 members of RCKCM and AFOFA gathered at 9 am to clean up Vakola subway. The drive was a success as is evident from the before and after pics.


As part of an earlier club activity we had mapped Matunga into several zones. This allowed us to form 14 volunteer teams who went door to door to collect RADDI. The RADDI collected was sold and money was donated to NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR BLIND in association with Organisation for YOUNG & Elderly (OYE).

Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness is a video project in collaboration with Rotaract Manchester International. It captures the essence of Rotaract in that it highlights how a small act of kindness can bring so much joy.

Matunga Unplugged

Matunga Unplugged is an attempt to engage people around us in a discussion.

First Aid Workshop

A basic knowledge of first aid and fundamental life-saving measures can sometimes make a difference between life and death. Keeping this in mind, Rotaract Club of King's Circle, Matunga, in association with ICT Hostels, a student fraternity comprising of the five hostels of Institute of Chemical Technology, arranged a 'First Aid Session'. This session was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Archana Shrivastava, associate consultant for Critical Care, P.D. Hinduja hospital. The First Aid Session was conducted on October the 17th, 2015. The event lasted from 4pm to 5:30 pm and was attended by a total of 52 people. It was an interactive session covering essentials such as emergency procedures to be followed when dealing with heartattack, stroke and choking victims. Dr. Shrivastava, also instructed students about measures such as stabilizing the spine in situations of a trauma and how to correctly administer the Heimlich maneuver. This session helped to develop a sense of responsibility among the students regarding their roles in life threatening situations. Arrangement of such workshops from time to time would help the Rotaract Club create a positive impact.

Mumbai Cha Raja

This was RCKCM's Photography Competition. Participants were asked to send photographs which captured the essence of Ganesh Chaturthi, the decorations or the enthusiasm of Mumbaikars. The winning entry is below.


This is RCKCM's blog page. We hope it will allow members to share their creativity in the form of doodles and articles.


1. Pre - Event: Extensive PR of the event was started 10 days in advance, with an Informative PR message along with a suitable poster being circulated among internal and external Rotaract groups.
2. Event: Date - 16th August 2015 Venue - VJTI Mechanical Engineering Dept Time - 9am to 6pm Response - 22 registrations in all
3. Post - Event: The workshop was really informative and was really helpful to all the Aero-Modeling enthusiasts who had turned up for it. People gained firsthand experience in designing their own airplane model which actually took flight. The physics behind how an aero plane flies was explained in detail with the help of PowerPoint presentations by the knowledgeable members of the VJTI Aero team. We aim to conduct many such workshops in the future at a much larger scale with the help of fellow members.


The basic motive behind the idea to initiate Wisdom Cubes as a project of the Public Relations is to motivate Rotaract Club members or anyone associated with Rotaract Club. It was aimed to inspire people to begin their day, keeping in mind that Rotaract Club wishes them the very best and will always be there to help in any way. We wanted to make sure that RCKCM doesn't forget the contributions of people for their services. It's not like we call people for some projects and absolutely have no contact after the event is done. With the help of this initiative we will always be remembered every time they see a Wisdom cube and get inspired. Wisdom cubes are sent to every possible person that the club has come across. They are sent every Monday so as to help people start their week with a great impact. The feedback was really unexpected. People were very happy to receive such motivating pictographic images. They were keen so as to inquire about more and more upcoming projects and events that Rotaract club has in house for them. We received more response from people asking what RCKCM was and what it aimed at doing and how will they benefit from being a part of it. So as whole this project helped tremendously sharing awareness about RCKCM and its activities.


One of the biggest Club Service events of the Rotaract Club of King's Circle is Rotaract Raas Lella. It was held in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park and the Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College. This Navratari, an event was held on 18th October, 2015 at 5.30 pm onwards in Essar tv Hall, Dr M.S Subbulakshmi Auditorium, Matunga. Over 100 people joined us to have some fun dancing to the beats of the bamboo, and some vibrant music for this Garba Night. It was not only a wonderful event but also provided an opportunity to make new friends. More inter club activities are expected in the coming months with such an appealing response.


Shutterbug was the first Web Digicom event conducted in coalition with the first club service event 'Wanderlust', a trek to Karnala fort. It was a photography event. This was seen as a good opportunity for the participants to show off their photography skills. Karnala is a picturesque and beautiful location with abundant natural scenic beauty. And the only way to preserve the memories of the wonderful trek is photographs. The event was conducted on 11th July 2015. The participants were asked to click photographs of the surroundings, which they took to with aplomb. They managed to capture everything that appealed to their eyes. The daunting trek didn't deter the photographers who took it in their stride and spared no opportunity to click some wonderful pictures. The beautiful birds around, the lush greenery and the breathtaking view from atop were all magnificently captured. All entrants were asked to send in their photographs, of which, a few shortlisted were uploaded on the Rotaract Club of Kings Circle, Matunga's Facebook page. The deadline for the entrants was 13th July 2015. By uploading the photographs, we gave the up and coming photographers a platform to showcase their talent. Out of the shortlisted photographs, one was selected and uploaded as our Facebook page's cover. Shashank Bhangade was declared as the contest's winner for his stunning capture of a peacock. The winner was selected on 15th July 2015.

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